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Welcome + Rules

Welcome to the official Group dedicated to my Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's fanfic "The Crimson Star Priestess" that you can find on with the same username that I have here on DA.

Link to fanfic:…

This Group is for those who likes and follows my fanfic, and might want to share ther liking by arts/fics.

But before that, take a closer look at the rules below.

Rule 1) The arts submitted here HAVE to be somewhat related to my fanfic.

Rule 2) Please be sure that you submit the arts in the correct folder. If you accidently do that, I will make sure the arts end up in the right folder.

Rule 3) I do NOT accept any arts with nudity or hentai.

Rule 4) Be nice to each other.

Rule 5) The "Favorite" folder is open to post any arts related to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's without having any connections to my fanfic.

About the folders:

Featured: Main arts

Estelle Malmström: Arts with only Estelle and/or with/without Duel Monsters

Beatrix Miller: Arts with only Beatrix and/or with/without Duel Monsters

Laila Noble (owns by Kairi-The-Siren): Arts with only Laila and/or with/without Duel Monsters

Sora Sakamoto (owns by AkaneRaikou): Arts with only Sora and/or with/without Duel Monsters

Crimson Star Priestess: Arts with Estelle when she's transformed into her Warrior Form (later her true Crimson Star Priestess Form)

Signer Warriors: Arts with the Signers when they've fused together with their Signer Dragons

Original Signers and Priestess: Arts with the first Signers and the first Crimson Star Priestess

StarParticleShipping: Arts with Estelle and Yusei together

RoseCareShipping: Arts with Estelle and Akiza together

SilentRavenShipping: Arts with Beatrix and Crow together

CheerfulShipping: Arts with Laila and Leo together

ScoopShipping: Arts with Jack and Carly together

RoseKnightShipping: Arts with Akiza and Sherry together

Yliaster: Arts with people related to Yliaster, like the Dark Signers, Dark Estelle, the Three Pure Nobles, Paradox, Z-one, Aporia, Antinomy, Linda, Hanna, Niklas

Screenshots: Arts that are based on scenes from the fanfic

Stamps: Stamps that are inspired by the shippings above

Fanfics: Stories about my OCs plus my friends, and the canon characters involved

Gallery Folders

YGO 5D's - Luna and Laila as teenagers by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Q + A with Estelle and Beatrix by RaisingHeartExelion
Art Trade - Pimsan0 by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Estelle's Golden Dragon Deck by RaisingHeartExelion
Estelle Malmstrom
YGO 5D's - Estelle's appearance from Chapter 72 by RaisingHeartExelion
Estelle by Latias-gem
YGO 5D's - Estelle controlled by Familiar by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Estelle's Outfit for Chapter 68 by RaisingHeartExelion
Beatrix Miller
Art trade with  RaisingHeartExelion by BlackRoseLori
YGO 5D's OC - Beatrix Miller by RaisingHeartExelion
Laila Noble
Miyuki with Usagi-chan by Kairi-The-Siren
Laila Noble by Kairi-The-Siren
Sora Sakamoto
Sora Sakamoto - Character Sheet by AkaneRaikou
Crimson Star Priestess
YGO 5D's - Mark of the Crimson Star (Complete) by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Playing with fire by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Ready to dance? by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Estelle in Warrior Form by RaisingHeartExelion
Signer Warriors
YGO 5D's - Fairy Princess by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Winged Tamer by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Stardust Knight by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Rose Maiden by RaisingHeartExelion
Original Signers and Priestess
YGO 5D's - First Priestess - Cometa by RaisingHeartExelion
StarParticleShipping - Hold on! by RaisingHeartExelion
AT {+Don't Worry Yusei+} by Kairi-The-Siren
StarParticleShipping - I want to, but I can't by RaisingHeartExelion
StarParticleShipping - So close, yet so far away by RaisingHeartExelion
RoseCareShipping - A Date? by RaisingHeartExelion
RoseCareShipping - Kitty-love by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's - Estelle with Akiza by RaisingHeartExelion
AT{+ hanging out with my girl+} by NikkitaTheAnimeFan
Art Trade - Kairi-The-Siren by RaisingHeartExelion
ScoopShipping - What are you reading? by RaisingHeartExelion
RoseKnightShipping - First Date by RaisingHeartExelion
YGO 5D's OCs - Evil Linda and Hanna by RaisingHeartExelion
[REQUEST] YGO 5Ds Couple - YuseiXEstelle Colored by BeckyVida
New Years Gift {+Starparticleshipping stamp+} by Kairi-The-Siren


YGO 5d's ep 72 by TSUTAYA07 YGO 5d's ep 72 :icontsutaya07:TSUTAYA07 152 47 YGO 5D's - Carly daydreaming by RaisingHeartExelion YGO 5D's - Carly daydreaming :iconraisingheartexelion:RaisingHeartExelion 9 2 YGO 5D's - Luna in winter by RaisingHeartExelion YGO 5D's - Luna in winter :iconraisingheartexelion:RaisingHeartExelion 6 13 YGO 5D's - Akiza on a rose petal bed by RaisingHeartExelion YGO 5D's - Akiza on a rose petal bed :iconraisingheartexelion:RaisingHeartExelion 2 12


The join icon should be up and ready now. I forgot to add it while I was doing the settings for the Group. Sorry! ^^;

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Group Info

A fan club for my Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's fanfic "The Crimson Star Priestess" on FanFiction.

Link ->…
Founded 4 Months ago
Feb 12, 2017


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threatningroar Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
Just wondering, will you let me feature in a folder LuxuryShipping and/or D-stortion here? ^_^
RaisingHeartExelion Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
No, I'm sorry. 
threatningroar Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
I wonder why =/ D-Stortion is in the 5Ds timeline AND Luxuryshipping is another Canon x OC pairing. 
RaisingHeartExelion Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
But the group is mainly for my YGO 5D's fanfic. It's like pink-hudy's own group for her own fanart series "YuGiOh-5D-Dark-Light".
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Pimsan0 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Anyone want to join this Yugioh 5ds RP group? yu-gi-oh---duelwars.deviantart…
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I would love to join sis :D :heart:
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Kairi-The-Siren Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's ok sis ^^ I'll join now~
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It's quite alright!
Pimsan0 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
I would like to join!
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